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"Crater TM--The Ultimate 45/70 Killer Bullet"

I am a custom bullet caster, specializing in heavyweight super blunt cast bullets for the 45/70 cartridge as well as LBT style WFNGC pistol bullets in 44, 45, 475, and 500 S&W.

For serious big game hunters who pursue cape buffalo, grizzly bear, elk, moose, and bison, I offer "Crater TM" series bullets for both 45/70 and 450 Marlin lever and single action rifles. The original 550 grain "Crater TM" has a giant meplat of .365, the widest flat nose bullet in the industry. This big game projectile has a perfect crimp groove designed for
the 1895 Marlin 45/70 and 450 marlin lever action guns, feeding like grease lightening.

Crater TM 550 WFNGC

Starting February, 2005, I also introduced a dual diameter 550 grain "Crater-2 TM" designed for short or no throat chambered guns such as Ruger No.1 45/70, Browning 1885 and 1886, and Winchester 1886. Prior to this, owners of these rifles had either to reduce the COL or modify the throat. The new "Crater-2 TM" with the meplat of .365 can be also utilized in single shot rifles such as Ruger No. 1 458 WM and 458 Lott.

Crater-2 TM 550 gr. WLNGC

Using a superhard bullet casting alloy, the gas check "Crater TM" series cast bullet weighs 550 grain, heat-treated to above BHN 22. Each bullet is hand cast to perfection.

Crater TM with a huge .365 meplat is the bluntest cast bullet in the 45 caliber.

Crater TM bullet is as long as the 357 mag case
and its meplat is as wide as the 9 mm Luger case.

Since its introduction to the market ten years ago, the Crater TM bullets have been featured in publications such as Guns Magazine and The Accurate Rifle, receiving raving reviews from well-known gun writers. These journalists and my clients speak highly of Crater's extreme accuracy (shooting 1 to 1/5 inch groups at 100 yds) and most importantly, maximum penetration power which no bullets in the 45 caliber can match. I have a customer shooting a 4 foot-diameter cottonwood at 50 yds, completely penetrating the tree trunk!

Crater series bullets produce superb accuracy, shooting 1 to 1.5 inch
3 shot groups at 100 yds with scoped lever action rifles.

45/70 loaded with 550 grain Crater-2 TM:
The COL can be lengthened or shortened depending on single or lever actions.

Crater-2 TM broad applications: Ruger No.1s in 458 Lott, 458 Mag,
45/70 and Browning/Winchester 1886 45/70s.

Crater-2 TM applications for 458: Ruger No.1s in 458 Lott and 458WM.
For bolt-action 458s, Lyman 550 grain 462560 is recommended.

Thousands of Craters have been shipped to most demanding big game hunters in Alaska and Canada who like to reload their own 45/70s for ultimate knock-down and the deepest penetration power as well as making spare ammo to practice. If you're a serious reloader, you can now assemble the best quality big game ammo at a fraction of the expensive factory heavy weight 45/70 ammo that often costs $50 to $60 for a box of 20 rounds.

I provide only published reloading info on the 550 grain and 420 grain weight cast bullets from the Lyman reloading handbook with the purchase of bullets. For information on how my clients utilize Craters in their 45/70 and 450 Marlins, please visit www.marlinowners.com and type the key words such as "Crater or Craters" in the big bore search forum. The website reloading data is for your information purpose only. Jae-Bok Young's Bullet Casting will not be responsible for accidents or misuse of the reloading data from the Marlinowners.com.

(See The Accurate Rifle magazine article in the Magazine Articles section)

Crater TM and Crater-2 TM series 45/70 heavy weight cast bullets.

45/70 loaded with the big-game stopper 550 Crater TM.

45/70 loaded with 420 gr. Crater Lite TM and Crater Lite-2 TM.

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