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Cast Bullets Ruger Front Sights Hunting Trophies 45-70 Article

Extra Tall Front Sights for Ruger Revolvers

Article by: Brian Pearce in the October 2004 issue of HandloaderTM (No. 231, p. 14)
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 There has been a trend the past couple of decades, at least with some handgunners, to use heavier than traditional bullets in .44 Magnum and heavy frame .45 Colt revolvers. Instead of using standard weight 240- to 250-grain and 250- to 255-grain bullets, respectively, bullets weighing from 270 through 340 grains are common. These heavyweight bullets spend considerably more time in the barrel, and as a result their points of impact are higher than standard weight bullets. The gun shoots high, and more often than not, the rear sight cannot be lowered enough to allow the gun to be sighted in at 25 or 50 yards.

Jae-Bok Young (57 Beard Road, New Boston NH 03070; or visit online: www.competitor-pistol.com/ jbyoung.html) is offering a replacement front sight for the Ruger Redhawk, Super Redhawk, Super Blackhawk Hunter and GP-100 that is taller than the original and allows correct sight-in with heavyweight bullets. There are two versions: the first being factory finished (blued) and ready to install, while the second is an unfinished (in the white) square blade that can be ground to the desired shape and height, then blued. Installed, the blades extend .365 inch above the rib. Both fit without wiggle or play in the factory sight channels. Prices are $28 and $25, respectively.

Cast Bullets Ruger Front Sights Hunting Trophies 45-70 Article

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